Welcome to WSportsNEWS247 - the real-time, online platform for fans, teams, players & WomenSports action!!!!!! 

WomenSport has come a long way since The Women's Sports Network (@WSNet) started back in 2012. BUT the effect of Covid19 and subsequent lockdowns/social distancing has pushed WomenSport off the radar. Well we're fighting back with the launch of a series of new services delivering real-time, WomenSports news – 247.

We're fighting back on Friday 21th August 2020

To complement our many Twitter channels (100k followers) reporting on WomenSport. NEWS247 curates articles from associates around the world on a range of sports plus GenderEQUITY and FEMALEHealth&SPORT and pins them on one page. So you don’t need to be ‘on’ Twitter to keep up to date on your chosen sport, team, player or related issues.

What’s next?
On 1st September we launch #FOOTBALL247 – keeping you updated on womens' soccer from the @Lionesses to
the @TheMatildas and @USWNT gender/pay dispute to transgender in football via #WWCup2023. Though
September to the year end we roll out a range of sport/international channels – from AUSTRALIA247 to SCOTLAND247 and #BADMINTON247 to #MotorSPORT247 . . . all focussing on women and girls enjoying, participating and working in sport.

Want to get involved?
There’s three ways to get involved:

  • Associates – if you would like to join us as an international associate and have your WomenSports twitter feeds included in any of the 247 channels. Please ping an email – with your channel(s) details – to
  • Mediators  – we’re looking for active ‘tweeters’ with an established WomenSport position that they are
    keen to expand. If you’re passionate about a sport or WomenSport in your country and want to shout
    about it. Please email giving details. We’ll give you access to key Twitter channels so 
    you can post YOUR stories and build YOUR profile as a sports reporter - and help us get WomenSport
    back on the agenda and enjoyed by more people worldwide.
  • Distributor - WSNet is happy for you to load any or all NEWS247 channels to your website. We'll be
    launching a free 'Distributor Programme in early 2021 - if you want to get stated now email

Mediators and Associates are informal, unpaid roles. WSNet does not charge for any digital services – working
together we can further the cause and raise the profile for the benefit of many. 

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