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14 Dec

#HERMoJo Third trimester home pregnancy workout with .@kimmy_fitness

14:00 - Third trimester working out with my young little boy


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Welcome to Kimmyfitness. My world of my work combined with my life= mummy fitness. You will find lots of workout videos that you can safely do through out your pregnancy and post pregnancy too. There are step by step workout videos and short clips of workouts you can do. Please feel free to comment, share and subscribe!

Third trimester home pregnancy workout

This is a third trimester home pregnancy workout with or without another baby of yours! I would suggest 2 rounds but 1 round is absolutely perfect. Please keep hydrated throughout and please do not ignore any abnormal pains. Make sure midwives are aware you are exercising. Have fun with it and have a wonderful healthy last few weeks of pregnancy! For more info do check out my website www.kimmyfitness.com or Email me; kimmyfitnesspt@gmail.com

If you are ready to start my MummyFitness pregnancy exercise programmes please get in touch; 

my mummyfitness@gmail.com All mummies are welcome.

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